Waiting is the Hardest Part: The Perfect C.U.R.E. for Impatience

“The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you get one more yard
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part”

~Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – The Waiting

I am not a good waiter.

I can maybe wait in line for a full minute or two before I get super annoyed that I am having to wait in line for longer than a minute.

When I want something, especially if I have gone through the task of deciding what I want, I have used up all the patience I have on myself and now I must have what I have decided on right away.

Of course I know that patience is a virtue, a spiritual fruit, love is patient and my family all taught me that I should have more patience!

But when I have set my heart on something, especially when it comes to pleasing God, fulfilling my purpose, realizing the dreams He gave me, I cannot wait to see each and every one of those come true. And I do not want to wait!

This past Monday I sent out a Meditation devotion to my email subscribers where I mentioned how difficult it is for me to wait – I admitted to being an impatient waiter. (Not winning any medals for being a good sport, here, just going for complete transparency.)

I thought that was all I was going to say on the subject, but that one email devotion (you really should subscribe if you do not already receive those little tidbits of meditation for your Monday mornings) received such great feedback that I could just feel you all come forward with your own bit of transparency. And for that, I reward you with the following – my C.U.R.E. for impatience:

It is true, we may never reach our desired calling, or fulfill every dream we hope to come true before our time here is done and we move on to our Heavenly home. But, that does not mean we sit idly by and do nothing about the dream in our hearts, the calling on our lives, the purpose we feel in our hearts to be at the very core of who we are as women of faith following Christ to realize our dreams.

While we are waiting for the time to step into our calling, we have a responsibility and privilege to wait well, to show others in our lives, those who will come up after us, how to wait well.

I have found a method of waiting that helps even this most impatient of souls to wait well and model that waiting to others. I call it the “Be” Attitudes of Waiting:

C. Be Consistent – One of the best lessons we can teach ourselves during a period of waiting is to be consistent. While it is true that following Christ calls for a great deal of consistency, it is also true that consistency will be needed when you take that big step out in faith to see your dream realized or finally pursue the calling you feel to speak, or lead, or whatever it is God has placed on your heart to do for Him. Consistency is like oxygen to a fire, it gives it heat, depth, and keeps it lit longer and stronger even through the rain and the cold.

A few tips on being consistent: try scheduling Bible reading time and sticking to it every day, or praying consistently for those you tell, “I’m praying for you.” When the Lord comes to you and tells you it is time to step into your calling, be sure that you are consistent with the tasks you have been given.

U. Be Unyielding – When you believe the Lord for your dreams, your calling, your purpose, there are bound to be others watching to see what happens. Do not falter on your commitment to the Lord’s will in your life. When troubles come, be unyielding. When storms rage against you, be unyielding. When doubt enters in, be unyielding. No matter what you face, determine God’s Word for your life – and do not be moved!

Refuse to believe differently unless the Lord changes your course. He will never allow you to do anything you were not meant to do. If it comes to pass, it will be you standing strong, not bending to anyone but the Father’s will.

R. Be Resourceful – The time you have now can best be used to gather resources and be preparing for the day that is to come. There will come a day when you are doing that thing, and you are going to need the time you have on your hands right now. Think ahead. Plan ahead.

Gather the resources you are going to want at the ready when you come to that point in your life. Your dreams will work, but you have to work when you get there, not hustle to make it all happen, but working on what God gives you to do. You will need resources. You need resources to get where you are going, and to show the way from there to the next destination. Be resourceful.

E. Be Encouraging – Do not allow your impatience to blot the minds of those watching you, or waiting in the sidelines for their own chance at dreaming. Encourage others with your words and the ways you have that are unique to you. Grab the hand of a friend and bring her along with you! Be an encouragement to others in the faith, this pleases God and shows Him you are ready for the next step in faith.

And there you have it!

If you follow these steps you will not have much time on your hands to be thinking about how much longer you have to wait to realize your dreams.

And remember, we have the faith to follow Christ for our dreams, we do not go out and hustle to make it happen because God’s timing is perfect and He comes to us when the time is right.

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