Never Be Afraid to Make a Comeback

But alas, it is now December 2020, and a lot of us have been in this place of holding our breaths since March 2020. We have not made decisions, or plans, and we have refused to see the world for what it is right now by hoping and praying tomorrow, or next week, or next month, and now maybe next year, will be different – better. But there is still hope of playing our hardest and giving it all we have, and leaving every bit of ourselves out there on the field, bloody and muddy, every piece of our body spent in our fight to never give up, never back down, to get up and come back.

Fall 2020 Online Bible Study

Faith: As Christian women, we long to be a community that boldly and passionately believes in “all things working together” for Christ’s followers, but sometimes that seems like an easier-said-than-done type of faith. Join #faithtofollow as we dive into scripture to see how even the brother of Christ found himself preaching the gospel of faith to himself.

Learning Grace in Motherhood

When I became a mother, I set out on a mission to fulfill my role better than most people would have given me credit. I knew I did not want to raise children who grew up to be adults who did not love the Lord. But, I also did not want to be that mother who did not raise her children in the ideal godly home I had always dreamed of creating for my family. For me, that was the definition of failure, as a mother and a follower of Christ.