Meet the Browns

Meet the Browns: Regina and her husband Greg live in Morganton, NC. Together they have six children, three wiener dogs, and one rescue cat.

Hi Friend! I’m Regina. And I believe that you can fulfill the desires of your heart to be used by God for ministry. By letting go of insecurity, fear, and shame, and cultivating an intimate relationship with the Lord, you can learn to acknowledge the dreams inside your heart and find the faith to follow God for your dreams.

I help women struggling with shame, insecurity, and brokenness learn to be free from shame, lay down their insecurities, and offer up their brokenness to God so they can create a God-given plan to achieve their dreams through their relationship with Christ and His plan for their life.

No Hustle. No Hype. Just Jesus.

I’m here to help you quiet the lies you’ve believed for too long and help you focus on your identity in Jesus, and the dreams He’s put in your heart.

Regina P Brown – Writer

As a Christian woman, I understand how difficult it can be to get rid of the baggage we have when we come to Christ. A lot of times this baggage is what keeps us from stepping out in faith and fulfilling the dreams and desires God places on our hearts. We start to believe that we are too broken, too messy, and not ‘Christian’ enough to do God’s work.

“There are no unbroken people in the world.” ~ Regina P Brown

But those are all lies that we believe because we haven’t learned how to deal with our baggage. I can help you learn to find freedom from shame, I can walk with you as you seek God for the desires He’s put on your heart, and I can give you the tools you need in order to find the faith to follow God to fulfill your dreams.

“When we walk in faith to follow God for our dreams, we can trust God even in the unknown because He is all-knowing.” ~ Regina P Brown

So let’s get to work!
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Regina P Brown is the wife of Greg Brown, mother of six children, and a grandmother.

Currently blogging at, Instagram, and Facebook, Regina encourages Christian women struggling with shame, insecurity, and brokenness, with a dream inside their hearts. Helping them find freedom from shame and insecurity, beauty in the brokenness, and the faith to follow Christ to fulfill their dreams.

Regina is passionate about providing hope-inspired articles, tools, and courses to help YOU realize the dreams that God has placed in your heart and give you the methods and advice to help you see those dreams fulfilled.

Regina lives with her family in the beautiful foothills of the mountains of Western North Carolina. When she’s not tapping away at the keyboard, she is out hiking in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway, taking in some sun on Lake James, or admiring the splendor and beauty of the Biltmore Estate.