Month: September 2022

Living Rescued and Redeemed

Living a rescued and redeemed life does not just mean you do not practice your old habits. Living a rescued life means that you acknowledge that you did not rescue yourself, Jesus rescued you. Living a redeemed life means that you live according to God’s will, not your own. You did not redeem yourself, therefore, you do not own your life. And thank God for that!

Running the Faith Race

If we take our eyes off Jesus, we will look right at the world and we will see that some people are running faster than us, ahead of us, and making more sense than we do where we are. This can be a difficult place to live if we start to think that what we do, what we say, who we are, do not matter. We have to remember that the message of the cross is that we do matter. We matter so much that our debts were paid in blood.

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