How to Know When It Is Time to Let Go

So, in true faith to follow fashion, putting aside pride and hustle, believing God for our dreams, pressing on for the prize of the high calling of Christ, let us come together and look at some ways we can discern and know when it is time to “let it go”.

Waiting is the Hardest Part: The Perfect C.U.R.E. for Impatience

While we are waiting for the time to step into our calling, we have a responsibility and privilege to wait well, to show others in our lives, those who will come up after us, how to wait well.
I have found a method of waiting that helps even this most impatient of souls to wait well and model that waiting to others. I call it the “Be” Attitudes of Waiting…

Fall 2020 Online Bible Study

Faith: As Christian women, we long to be a community that boldly and passionately believes in “all things working together” for Christ’s followers, but sometimes that seems like an easier-said-than-done type of faith. Join #faithtofollow as we dive into scripture to see how even the brother of Christ found himself preaching the gospel of faith to himself.

Learning Grace in Motherhood

When I became a mother, I set out on a mission to fulfill my role better than most people would have given me credit. I knew I did not want to raise children who grew up to be adults who did not love the Lord. But, I also did not want to be that mother who did not raise her children in the ideal godly home I had always dreamed of creating for my family. For me, that was the definition of failure, as a mother and a follower of Christ.

Finding Hope in the Midst of Uncertainty

Stuck was not an obstacle as much as it was a starting point. The beginning of a new journey. If I were stuck, that meant there were others who were also stuck and would need help to figure out what to do. All I had to do was figure out a way through so I could help lead the way.

How to Find Healing for Your Heart

I was not looking for healing but the Lord knew what I needed better than I knew myself. I am forever grateful for my new life. And I honor the Lord and give Him all the glory for reaching out to me when I refused to reach out to Him.

Why We Should Always Be Ready to Give Our Testimony

There is no greater feeling than helping someone come to Christ through the telling of your story. We all have a story. We all have the same opportunities to share our stories and help others come to Christ. All we need is the faith to follow God for our dreams, and we can be used by God to bring salvation to the world and glory to His name.

Dealing with Insecurities along the Journey of Faith

If only I could make my head believe what my heart knows to be true: no amount of striving in this season will ever be necessary for me to achieve my God-given purpose. That battle between our head and our heart is our insecurity at play. Our insecurities will feel conflicted over the decisions we’ve made and we must battle to stick to them when insecurity comes knocking.